Tips & Tricks - EoC M90 Pickup Tone: Height is Everything!

  • Hey guys! 


    Just wanted to share about my journey with the M90 pickups in my Sidejack Pro DLX. Initially, I didn't like the pickups at all, and strongly considered changing them out.

    After playing around, I discovered that since these are so hot, the height adjustment completely altered the tone - not just the output level. I found the perfect sweet spot for both p'ups, and now I LOVE the tone I get from these. Not quite humbucker, not quite single coil. They can really do it all with a good overdrive and comfortability navigating the tone/volume knobs. 

    If you're in a similar situation, give this a try. Your sweet spot might not be the same as mine, but there's a ton of variability in how you set these pickups!

  • I have a Sidejack Pro DLX, as well and love it.

    My neck pickup is set low and the bridge pickup set high. Is that that standard from the factory? Just how do you adjust it? I really like the clean tones for surf and such.

  • @Dave Tartaglia Hey Dave! It comes set up with specific heights set, but if you're feeling adventurous, you can adjust the height with the two screws on either side of the pickup. I found a really sweet spot with just the right amount of heat

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