Warren Ellis Coodercaster Sunburst
Warren Ellis Coodercaster Sunburst
Warren Ellis Coodercaster Sonic Blue
Warren Ellis Coodercaster Sonic Blue
Warren Ellis Coodercaster Sunburst-LH
Warren Ellis Coodercaster Sunburst-LH
Warren Ellis Coodercaster Sunburst
Warren Ellis Coodercaster Sunburst
Warren Ellis Coodercaster Sonic Blue
Warren Ellis Coodercaster Sonic Blue
Warren Ellis Coodercaster Sunburst-LH
Warren Ellis Coodercaster Sunburst-LH

Warren Ellis CDR - DEPOSIT

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*NOTE*: Images are of an early prototype. Colour hues on the final product may vary slightly from what's shown.


Following on from our reissue of the Valco® Lap Steel ‘String-Thru’ pickup (featured in the Airline LapSteel Pro model), we found we had all of the necessary ingredients to bring you an Eastwood interpretation of the infamous ‘Coodercaster’.

Not wanting to bring you another Strat-clone, we merged it into our Warren Ellis Series to bring you the ‘Warren Ellis CDR’. 

A light alder body, paired with the Valco LapSteel/Gold Foil pickup combo, helps capture all the mojo/vibe of the original (just add 3 delays and a 5W valve combo!). The Valco LapSteel pickup brings you a completely unique tonal experience, full of bite AND sustain, whist the Valco Gold Foil neck pickup smooths things out with it’s wide, warm and open voicing… perfectly complimenting each other. We’ve stayed true to the original too and left the middle position as ‘half-phase’, where the top 3 strings are in-phase and the bottom 3 are out-of-phase… giving you THREE completely unique tones out of ONE guitar.

Features & Specs
  • Body: Solid Alder
  • Neck: Roasted Maple, Medium C Shape, Satin Finish
  • Scale Length: 25.5"
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood
  • Frets: Medium Jumbo
  • Controls: Warren Ellis series control plate (Vol/Tone/Output)
    -250k vol/tone pots. .047uF capacitor
  • Bridge: Fixed ‘Half Tele’ style
  • Switching: 3-Way Toggle
  • Pickups: Valco Lapsteel Pickup at Bridge, Gold Foil Pickup at neck
Case Fit
  • Premium Soft Case: Optional Add-On
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    Add a Question/Comment
    • How much will these weigh?

      The projected weight for these is to be ~7.5 lbs. Please note that this can vary slightly from build to build, given each particular cut of wood used.

    • Is it a thick polyurethane finish?

      The CDR will be poly-finished, but not overly thick. These are being built at our top factory in Korea - attention to details such as fit and finish are paramount. You won't be disappointed in its quality!

    • Too much to ask for I'm sure, but how great would it be if there were separate volume controls for each pickup (master tone control is fine) so they could be blended to the user's taste??

      Cool idea! Maybe something for a future project. 😉  Of course, that is something you could have customized post-purchase, though!

    • What is the neck radius?

      Hi there, neck radius should be ~ 12 ".

    • Position of the pickup selector switch is bothersome. It will be in the direct path of my right hand when playing rhythm. Is it possible to relocate the switch to the plate holding volume and tone knobs?

      There is quite a distance between the strings and the toggle switch; early trials with the prototype haven't presented any difficulties there. I know that's a bit of a subjective thing though, as everybody plays differently. My best recommendation would be to get the giutar and try it out - if it doesn't work out, you can always take advantage of our 45 day zero-risk-return policy.

    • Nice initiative. Unfortunately it will be too expensive for Europe. There's will be a load of shipping charges plus a lot of taxes and customs clearance fees coming with the import of the guitar. By the way, it would have been better if you could have put in a copy of the Teisco Golf Foil pickups that are in the original Coodercaster. And of course, it would have been even nicer when you had used an Telecaster model body and headstock.

      We don't charge any shipping fees or taxes for guitars sent to the EU ourselves, but you're right that there will be some customs / taxes to pay to your Government when the instrument arrives. For details and estimates, please see this page.
      It would be worth mentioning that at this time last year, the guitar would have been priced 20% higher to include VAT as shipped from the UK. We were also charging a shipping fee at that time (we dropped EU shipping fees to help balance the overall price difference caused by Brexit). Given that we no longer charge 20% VAT up-front, nor do we charge shipping, the final cost after all is said and done works out to be roughly the same.

      Great suggestions for the guitar! The Tele version is very cool, but we wanted the aesthetic of this one to match the rest of our Warren Ellis Series.

    • I like the specs for this guitar until I get to the bridge. With the "half Tele" bridge, string length is not adjustable for individual strings, but pairs of strings. I would suggest something like the Golden Age Top-Loading Hardtail Bridge like stew-mac sells (very cheap). That would allow for setting length for each individual string. Otherwise, I love it! Just my 2 bits worth. By the way, is this to be built in Korea or China?

      Glad to hear you like this one, and thanks for the suggestions! We went back and forth on the bridge design for a while, but landed on the T-style. We just love the aesthetic of it - there's something special about those 3 large brass saddles butted up against the string-thru VALCO pickup. These will be tilt-compensated saddles, so intonation will not be a problem, and the guitar will be built at our top-of-the-line factory in Korea.

    • Wow, there goes buying another telecaster. I want this instead!

      Good call! 😎


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