Eastwood Guitars Eastwood of Canada M-90 Pickups Set Angled

Eastwood of Canada Custom M-90 Pickups
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Have you ever wanted to venture into the most classic Surf sound there is?

Many of us have wanted a vintage Mosrite, but then you play one and you either love it or hate it. The super skinny frets, the flat fretboard, the ultra narrow neck - try to hit a note and bend it, see what happens... they are definitely an acquired taste. So we thought - why not make a guitar that captures the same vibe, but which would be more playable?

That's where the Sidejack PRO DLX comes in. All the vintage vibe, with modern playability.

Our Sidejack Pro Series is the culmination of 15 years development and experience with our regular Sidejack Series, all of our passion and knowledge of Mosrite guitars, and all of our know-how of modern manufacturing techniques.

Don't like the guitar but love the tone? No problem, you can now get these classic pickups for your own guitar! These professional-grade M-90s will retro-fit any modern P90 enclosure. 

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