Eastwood/GHS Custom Strings - Bass 6

Eastwood/GHS Custom Strings - Bass 6

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We get it... it's hard to find pre-assembled string sets for your new Bass 6. So we've partnered up with leading USA String brand GHS Strings to make your search much easier.

Utilizing a nickel-plated steel cover wound over a hex core, these Bass VI strings have a clarity to them without being overly bright, and a low-mid punch that sits very well in a band mix. Carefully balanced for tonality across the entire set, these strings are equally at home in any musical genre. These are quality, GHS-brand strings packaged in the gauges you need for your Eastwood guitar. 

EGBVI Bass 6 Strings Gauges: .024, .034, .044, .054, .072, .092

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