Ready to Fly? Stormbird Is The Word...

    The Eastwood Stormbird (or "Storm Bird" to some...) remains one of our most popular models, ever - even after being discontinued!

    The Eastwood Storm Bird

    The Eastwood Stormbird has become one of our most popular models over the past few years. And that's after being discontinued! We always get customers asking whether we'll reissue them and we still get people sharing their pics on Instagram with their Stormbirds.

    In fact, we've seen quite a few bands using one recently, especially the more alternative, experimental musicians. It seems that the Stormbird is still very much flying!

    So...  the question is, will we ever reissue the Stormbird?

    Well, we can't tell you when or how we'll do it, but we can say this: you know how birds are... sometimes they just have to migrate, and you won't see them for ages. But they always fly back.

    Watch: RJ Ronquillo Eastwood Stormbird Demo:

    Would YOU like to see the return of the Stormbird? Post your comments and tell us how you'd like it to look like: colors, pickup configuration, vibrato... at the moment, we ARE listening! Maybe a Custom Shop Stormbird flying on the horizon? Well... it's up to you!


    • Jeremy

      Have one, need a second… Trying to track one for ages, impossible to get my hands on one—please bring it back!

    • Eugene Kelley

      I love the non reverse firebird style and it should definitely be made again. It would be cool if you guys did it with 3 p90s and made it with a 3 volume controls and a master tone and made the middle position on the toggle turn on all 3 p90s that way u could get the neck and middle strat sounds or bridge and middle sounds out of it by useing the volumes to blend them. Or you could just use a 5 way blade control wired like a strat. Thank you for making cool guitars some day soon I hope to get one keep up the great work!!!

    • Chris

      Please bring em back! In gold and sunburst. And option with P90 and mini humbuckers. 3 pu’s.

    • Ralph

      My deposit is in! I want GOLD……been seriously lacking a P90 axe, and can’t wait until September!

    • Paul Ewing

      RED …and not a chessy metalic looks cheap it’s on every make out there and even Fender only uses the plain red on there expensive guitars. It doen’t need a whammy bar. I will certainly have to put some PAF’s in it but thats life!!! The soaps in basswood are hopeles zero sustain! Listen to the vid. Zero!

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