New Rivolta Color Options Coming Soon

    We are pleased to announce that Rivolta Guitars range is growing, and we're adding new color options.

    New Rivolta Guitars

    Nashville, TN - At our new facilities in Nashville, Eastwood Guitars is currently working with Dennis Fano (Novo Guitars / Fano Guitars) on the finishing touches of the new batch of Rivolta Guitars which will be landing soon.

    The new models will include the Combinata Jr in "TV Yellow", Combinata Jr in "55 Sunburst", and the Mondata Jr in Fuoco Burst.

    Combinata Jr in 55 Sunburst

    These are just some of new colors finishes which will be available later this year for the Rivolta models - but we already have the new Combinata Jr in All Black in stock. If you want to be one of the first to own, hurry up - only a few available at the moment!


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    • Carlos Miranda

      When are the new colors available?
      Would you consider making a special version of the Combinata, two pickups no frills, bound neck?

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