New Backlund Rockerbox Available to Pre-Order

    New Backlund Rockerbox Available to Pre-Order

    Eastwood Guitars are proud to announce a new collaboration with John Backlund - the Rockerbox.

    Backlund Rockerbox

    John Backlund has done it again - he designed a guitar that looks absolutely stunning, as much a work of art as it is a musical instrument.

    Following on his previous collaborations with Eastwood guitars (see all Backlund models), the new Backlund Rockerbox is an unique mix of retro and futuristic styles. As John himself would rather call it - this is a retro-futuristic guitar.

    It seems hard to believe but, by all signs so far, the Backlund Rockerbox could easily become the most popular Backlund guitar yet - in less than a week since the project was announced, it has attracted over 250% of our Custom Shop pre-order target.

    Backlund Rockerbox

    To guarantee yours, pre-order now via our Custom Shop Page, and get a FREE Hardshell Case worth $189.

    Backlund Rockerbox features:

    • Body Material - Semi-Hollow Maple
    • Neck Material - Mahogany
    • Fingerboard Material - Ebony or Maple
    • Finish - Polyurethane
    • Neck Shape - Soft C
    • Scale Length - 24 3/4"
    • Weight - 7 1/2 Lbs
    • Fingerboard Radius - 14" (350mm)
    • Number of Frets - 22
    • Fret Size - Medium Jumbo
    • Nut Width - 1 5/8"
    • Position Markers - Dot
    • Neck Pickup - Custom Wound Double Coil
    • Middle Pickup - Custom Wound Double Coil
    • Bridge Pickup - Custom Wound Double Coil
    • Pickup Switching: Five Way
    • Controls -  Volume / Tone
    • Hardware Finish - Chrome
    • Bridge: Floating Tune-O-Matic
    • Pickguard - Plastic with brushed metal-looking finish


    • Chris "Black Prince"

      I’ve got my order in.

    • Mike Dean

      Looks an awful lot like the RetronixUSA RetroRocker. But at thousands less. Cool.

    • Bill Schultz

      This design Is brilliant, and I love the look of the tail piece, however, a rocker box without a vibrato tail piece just isn’t complete.
      A vibrato tail piece with that same great Jetson’s Vibe and look needs to be created to make this a true Rocker Box!
      Maybe a Duesenburg LP style vibrato with a cover to match the look of the Rocker Box tail piece?
      The Duesenburg Lp Vibrato on my Bill Nelson is far better than any of the Bigsby vibratos I have on my other guitars.
      You can even dive bomb with the Duesenburg LP Vibrato

      The 1/58" nut it the same width as my Hofner 500/1 Bass, so it is a bit on the narrow side but, that is just on the low end of the neck, and the neck does appear to widen heading toward to high end.
      The Backlund necks are not made for player with big meat hooks.

      I want to own one just for the work of art that it is.
      In 3 words; WOW, WOW, WOW!

    • Bill Nelson

      So pleased you’re putting this guitar into the hands of those of us who are John Backlund fans, Mike. John’s archtops are as stunning as his solid bodies. Can’t wait to get my hands on this beauty. Pleased you’re making it available with an ebony fretboard too, (my personal preference.) Will hopefully be able to feature it at my special birthday concert event in December! ;-)

    • Phil Lamrock

      Absolutely brilliant . A real work of art. Does it play well – easy fretboard low intonation
      vintage pickups sound. I love it . What is the cost Regards Phil

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