New Airline Color Finishes Announced

    We are pleased to announce two new, Limited-Edition color finishes for two of our most popular Airline models.

    Airline Gold Sparkle

    Airline 59 3P Gold Metal Flake

    The Airline 59 3P DLX now also comes in this beautiful Gold Metal Flake finish. The guitar has the same specs as the other 3Ps. 

    Airline Gold Metal Flake

    Not everything that sparkles is gold... but we're sure this new Airline looks like something to treasure! 

    Airine 59 2P in Satin Candy Green

    Airline 59 2P in Satin Candy Green

    Who doesn't like some candy? Well, at least when it comes to this new color, it'll be hard to resist - the Airline 59 2P in Satin Candy Green!

    Airline 59 2P in Satin Candy Green

    We've release many green guitars in the past, but this Satin Candy Green is a brand new color on our range, and we got to say - it totally rocks!

    If you want to go green in 2018... this could be your perfect guitar.

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    • Ed

      Hello Eastwood! Will you have a “lefty” version of the Airline in gold 59’?

      Thanks 🙏


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