Mike in Memphis

    Eastwood Guitars CEO Mike Robinson is currently in the U.S. and took time to visit some legendary rock'n'roll places. Check out our blog for the full story and photos.

    Mike in Memphis

    Here at Eastwood Guitars we love Rock'n'Roll, and its history continues to inspire us - after all, so many of our models are directly inspired by the instruments played by our heroes, from Link Wray to DEVO to Jack White, and many others.

    It was only natural that, after spending 2 days with Dennis Fano and crew in Nashville, where he visited the new Eastwood Guitars/ Novo showroom, Eastwood Guitars CEO Mike Robinson headed over to Memphis for a few days. How could he resist the temptation to visit the birthplace of Rock'n'Roll?

    Mike says:

    "Stopping in to tour Sun Studios was really interesting.  It's known worldwide as “The Birthplace of Rock’n’roll”. and the guided tour was excellent, the studio itself is still operational today. Funny to hear that initially, Sam Philips thought Elvis Presley was "boring"."

    Mike in Graceland
    Mike visits Sun Studios

    Mike at the Sun records record shop
    Record shopping was a must...


    "After that," Mike continues, "we [Mike and his wife] went over Graceland. Neither of us have ever been Elvis Presley fans, but I highly recommend this visit. It really gives you a snapshot in time of who Elvis really was and how he liked to live his live when not in the spotlight. Crazy but VERY cool. Now I wish I would have known him."

    GracelandElvis lived like a king...

    Graceland 2

    Elvis playroom. Live like a king, play like a king.  

    Elvis in Graceland

    Elvis final resting place. R.I.P. 

    Mike's U.S. road trip goes on so he couldn't stay for too long, but it seems this brief visit to Memphis was enough to  change his mind about The King...

    "We are continuing our westward adventure today, but this morning we'll have Elvis on the radio, and give his music another chance..."


    • J.J. Vicars

      I was never an Elvis fan either, just a Scotty Moore fan, until I visited Sun Studio a couple years ago. Seeing the place in person gives a real sense of the times that he and Sam Phillips worked in and how far ahead of the curve they were both in music and race relations. The folks running Sun Studio today are all Memphis musicians and they’re doing an excellent job.

    • Sal in New Hampshire

      Must have been a heck of a trip. Being a very big fan of the old Sun Studio material, I look at his life in 2 very unique phases… the creative period, and the Vegas period. Thanks for sharing!

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