Landing Soon: New Eastwood Sidejack Pro DLX Color Options

    The Eastwood Sidejack Pro DLX is our best-ever take on the legendary Mosrite guitar design - and soon more color options will be available.

    New Sidejack Pro DLX Colors

    Our Sidejack Series offers a wide range of different models inspired by classic Mosrite designs. Of those, the Eastwood Sidejack Pro DLX is our leading model - a take on the popular Mosrite Ventures guitar design, but with modern updates for today's players.

    When we originally launched this new model last year, we made it available only in Sunburst and Vintage White, later adding a limited Gold Metal Flake option.

    Now, we're pleased to introduce the new color finishes which will be available online very soon:

    Sidejack Pro DLX in Red

    Sidejack Pro DLX in White

    Sidejack Pro DLX in Green

    Sidejack Pro DLX in Blue

    Sidejack Pro DLX in Black

    Which one is your favourite?

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    • Colin

      I’m confused, there seems to be 2 very different “sidejack dlx pro” designs? the first (older?) is a wider body and has the jack socket on the scratchplate, and the newer version (more Mosrite in looks) has jack socket like a Les Paul, and is generally more faithfull to an actual Mosrite design – is that right?

    • John Gifford

      Yes, the green is the amazing… as is the Oly White. Will these extend to others like the 12DLX, baritone, and SJ.Bass VI?

    • Kirk Bolas

      Green and it goes without saying otherwise. That it’s the shade it is and metallic are double pluses.

    • Cris Carver

      The green, the green, the green! But what about matching headstocks?

    • Jay Kirgis

      GREEN, GREEN, GREEN !!! Love it!

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