Coming Soon: Custom Shop Wolf Guitar Tribute

The forthcoming Wolf Guitar tribute is already one of our most popular Custom Shop projects, ever... time for you to get involved?

The original Jerry Garcia Wolf Guitar

The Grateful Dead were one of the most enduring, popular American acts from the 60s, so it's no surprise that there's always been great interest in the guitars they used on stage.

One of the most legendary instruments was the Wolf guitar, which was first played at a 1973 concert for the Hell's Angels, in New York. An original was sold for almost $2million at an auction in 2018!

Jerry Garcia Wolf - original

According to Rolling Stone magazine:

Wolf was the first of several instruments that famed luthier Doug Irwin designed. The musician, however, made his own modification to the guitar’s unique purple heart and curly maple body, affixing a sticker of a cartoon wolf below the bridge. Wolf prominently featured in the 1977 concert film The Grateful Dead Movie.

Watch: The Grateful Dead, 'Morning Dew' (Live 1974)

The Eastwood Custom Shop Wolf:

Eastwood Jerry Garcia Wolf

We are planning to build the Eastwood Wolf guitar in almost every detail* – including coil taps and effects loop – the final result will be a high-end, professionally playable instrument that you can take on tour yourself. This will be manufactured in our top Korean factory (not in China) and will have a true neck-thru design, not a bolt-on or set neck. You will NOT be disappointed in the quality. Also available in LEFT-HAND.

Pre-Orders so far have made this one of the most successful projects from the Custom Shop yet, and customers have until June 15th to leave their $200 USD deposit to guarantee one. We expect to ship them in October.

*NOTE: We will NOT include the Wolf sticker. You can obtain them from their official licensee.



  • Cozmik Cowboy

    Wolf was not designed by Doug Irwin; he did some fine guitars, but Wolf ain’t one of them.

    Wolf started life as Alembic #72-25, designed by Susan Wickersham & built by the Alembic team. There are pics of Jerry playing it with just an Alembic logo, near the nut. He did have Doug replace the original guts with D’irtMarzzios, and at there are also pics of it still with the Alembic logo, but with Irwin’s first logo added up at the top of the headstock.
    Then Jer broke the headstock; Irwin repaired it (and, during the refinish this necessitated, changed the “Wolf” decal to an inlay), after which it sported only Irwin’s later logo – and after which he started saying he built it.

  • tom muniz

    The Dead and Robert Hunter wrote some awesome and unforgettable songs.

  • Art

    Ripple? Uncle John’s Band? Truckin’? Suck?

  • Sean

    Mark; gotta weigh in (I know this is not the forum). I’m sorry you don’t understand the popularity, that’s A-ok. But to state the music sucks so bad? Please…

  • George Hummel

    Actually when JG took the guitar to Irwin for some work, Irwin said, “The schmuck put a sticker on the quilted maple!” He removed it and carefully reproduced it in inlay. JG had the gtr back for a while before he noticed…

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